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Terracotta Warrior

China: Culture and Craft

Come face to face with two terracotta warriors in the Chapel Royal.

A photograph of a grand house set in grounds on a sunny day

Pablo Picasso: Les Soles

Come and see Pablo Picasso's masterpiece, Les Soles, which is now on display at Duff House.

Ring of Brodgar Walk

A weekly guided walk focusing on the special significance of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney.

Flights into Scotland's Past

Kieran Baxter’s aerial photographs and visualisations

Photograph of a tour guide examining a range of historic artefacts

Doors Open Day at Trinity House

Trinity House will be throwing open its doors once more as part of Edinburgh Doors Open Day.

Melrose Abbey

Secrets of Melrose Abbey Museum

Discover Melrose Abbey Museum on this exclusive tour

A landscape view of Edinburgh Castle with buildings in the foreground.

With Allenby in Palestine

Hear how the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry faced the mission of pushing the Turkish Empire out of Palestine.

A Symbol of Power

Join us to find out what happened when the castle was occupied by Presbyterian Covenanters in 1640

Four women at a table with 2 sewing machines some material and biscuits

Sewing at Stanley Mills

Brush up on your sewing skills with our classes.

A photograph of a man dressed as a medieval mason pointing at a carved stone in the side of a building.

Meet the Master Mason

Come along and meet the Master Mason – the man who makes our buildings look magnificent.