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ruined cathedral with gravestones in front and blue sky above

Explore Elgin Cathedral

Volunteer-led tours help uncover the stories of Elgin Cathedral

Skara Brae by Twilight

Join us ‘after hours’ for an exclusive opportunity to tour Skara Brae when the site is closed to the general public.

lego model of a medieval castle

Brick to the Past

Come see Corgarff Castle as you've never seen it before - in Lego!

Flights into Scotland's Past

Kieran Baxter’s aerial photographs and visualisations

A collage of Allan Lawson's work

Allan Lawson: Field Furniture

This series of paintings is a thought provoking and original slant on landscape in which he proposes a dialogue between sentinel scarecrows and discarded farm implements.

A chainmailed costumed guide with a selection of replica medieval weapons.

Man at Arms - Bloodthirsty tales of warfare

Hear bloodthirsty tales of siege warfare and castle life with a chainmailed costumed guide with a selection of replica medieval weapons and there function explained.

Andrew Spratt from Dirleton Caste dressed in his chainmail

Man at Arms Tour - Medieval Archery

A lively introduction to the world of the late medieval archer.

Melrose Abbey

Secrets of Melrose Abbey Museum

Discover Melrose Abbey Museum on this exclusive tour