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A historic glass panel being inspected

Historic Glass & Glazing

CPD Module covering the use of glass and glazing in traditional buildings.

Framework of a metal railing.

Copper Creations

Easter Antics: Learn about the use of copper in buildings and make your own copper creation!

Concrete interpretation board within the Engine Shed

The Wordsmiths Forge

Easter Antics: Join poet Christie Williamson to build your own piece of writing ready to stand the test of time.

Men dressed in medieval costume brandish swords and shields

Martyrs, Masons and Monarchs

Meet medieval stonemasons and handle real artefacts excavated by archaeologists.

Picture of a vernacular building with a red roof.

Earth and Vernacular Buildings

One day seminar to introduce Scotland's vernacular architectural traditions.

Demonstration of earth building.

Earth and Vernacular Weekend

Join us for a weekend of workshops and demonstrations on earth building.

A stonemason carves a piece of stone in a workshop

Carving the Court Capital

Insight Event: Find out how one of our stonemasons went about carving a replica of a column capital.

Pouring mortar mix into a cast

Mortars and Binders

A one-day seminar discussing the use of hot mixed lime mortars in traditional buildings.

Moulton metal being poured

Heavy Metal

Join us for demonstrations of blacksmithing, casting and other metalcrafts.

A piece of decorative metal work

Care of Metals in Traditional Buildings

A one-day seminar on how to care for metal elements in traditional buildings, including materials identification and condition assessment.

Gravestones in a historic graveyard

Maintaining Historic Graveyards

A one-day seminar with key players in the sector to discuss the challenges faced when looking after historic graveyards.