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Picture of a vernacular building with a red roof.

Earth and Vernacular Buildings

One day seminar to introduce Scotland's vernacular architectural traditions.

Demonstration of earth building.

Earth and Vernacular Weekend

Join us for a weekend of workshops and demonstrations on earth building.

A stonemason carves a piece of stone in a workshop

Carving the Court Capital

Insight Event: Find out how one of our stonemasons went about carving a replica of a column capital.

Pouring mortar mix into a cast

Mortars and Binders

A one-day seminar discussing the use of hot mixed lime mortars in traditional buildings.

A photograph of a man dressed as a medieval mason pointing at a carved stone in the side of a building.

Meet the Master Mason

Come along and meet the Master Mason – the man who makes our buildings look magnificent.

Moulton metal being poured

Heavy Metal

Join us for demonstrations of blacksmithing, casting and other metalcrafts.

A piece of decorative metal work

Care of Metals in Traditional Buildings

A one-day seminar on how to care for metal elements in traditional buildings, including materials identification and condition assessment.

Gravestones in a historic graveyard

Maintaining Historic Graveyards

A one-day seminar with key players in the sector to discuss the challenges faced when looking after historic graveyards.