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A Symbol of Power

Join us to find out what happened when the castle was occupied by Presbyterian Covenanters in 1640

The Guardian of Scotland

Bishop Lamberton and his medieval soldiers tell the story of how St Andrews Castle swapped hands.

Two costumed performers, dressed in renaissance-style clothing.

Renaissance Revelry

Meet characters from the castle's past, and experience dancing, music and castle life from the time of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Church of the Holy Rude

Church of the Holy Rude

Take a walk in the footsteps of kings and queens through this wonderful old church.

Photograph of a grand palace set in grounds on the banks of a loch

Fantastic Fungi

Join a ranger and local expert on UK Fungus Day and discover the weird and wonderful world of fungi.

Music Through the Ages

Meet King James V's musician to find out out the instruments he plays and what is expected of him in the royal court.

An Audience with Mary, Queen of Scots

This is your opportunity to congratulate Mary, Queen of Scots, on the birth of James.

Photograph of a woman dressed up as a witch

The Linlithgow ExFEARience

Join us on a Halloween tour of the dark corridors of Linlithgow palace, and meet some unexpected characters along the way.

Trebuchets and Trickery

Come and meet Thomas Randolph, the commander of King Robert the Bruce's army.

Costumed actor dressed up as King Robert the Bruce with chainmail and a saltire robe, leans against a castle door as he looks out into the distance.

David's Tower

Meet King David II of Scotland, son of Robert the Bruce, as he explains some of the history of Edinburgh Castle.

A stain glass window panel of st margaret of scotland. The glass shows a female figure dressed in a blue robe with a golden crown on her head.

Queen Margaret's Castle

Meet Lady Edmund who served at Queen Margaret's Court at the castle.

A kilted guide points out features of the Mons Meg Castle to a young girl dressed in pink.

The King’s Cannon

King James II was fascinated with siege cannons which resulted in the purchase of the mighty bombard Mons Meg in 1454.