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Secrets of Huntly Castle

Join one of our guides to hear of the Castle from the Motte and Bailey days to the time of the Tower House.

Linlithgow Holiday Club: Step Back in Time

Step back in time at Linlithgow Peel and discover who stayed in the palace and learn how they lived.[SOLD OUT]

knight on horseback makes fierce face and brandishes sword with castle behind him

Spectacular Jousting

Hear the thunder of hooves and clashing of lances as we welcome Spectacular Jousting to Caerlaverock Castle.

A chainmailed costumed guide with a selection of replica medieval weapons.

Man at Arms - Bloodthirsty tales of warfare

Hear bloodthirsty tales of siege warfare and castle life with a chainmailed costumed guide with a selection of replica medieval weapons and there function explained.

Picture of a cello drawn in white with a dark background and the title Amazing Ages

Amazing Ages!

Immerse yourself in the past as hundreds of performers tell Scotland's story. Visit the encampments and view dramatic re-enactments.

Siege on the Forth

Discover more about Blackness Castle, which guards the Firth of Forth. Join us and Inner Forth Festival as we recreate the rich history of the ship that never sailed.

A Symbol of Power

Join us to find out what happened when the castle was occupied by Presbyterian Covenanters in 1640

The Guardian of Scotland

Bishop Lamberton and his medieval soldiers tell the story of how St Andrews Castle swapped hands during the Wars of Independence.

Two costumed performers, dressed in renaissance-style clothing.

Renaissance Revelry

Meet characters from the castle's past, and experience dancing, music and castle life from the time of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Church of the Holy Rude

Church of the Holy Rude

Take a walk in the footsteps of kings and queens through this wonderful old church.

Music Through the Ages

Meet King James V's musician to find out out the instruments he plays and what is expected of him in the royal court.

An Audience with Mary, Queen of Scots

This is your opportunity to congratulate Mary, Queen of Scots, on the birth of James, heir to the Scottish throne and find out what life is like at her court here in Edinburgh Castle.