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Music Through the Ages

Music Through the Ages

Meet King James V's musician to find out out the instruments he plays and what is expected of him in the royal court.

Soldier and girl standing beside Mons Meg

The King’s Cannon

King James II was fascinated with siege cannons which resulted in the purchase of the mighty bombard Mons Meg in 1457.

Winter Warmer Walk: Blackness

Winter Warmer Walk: Blackness

Learn what makes Blackness Bay such a special place on this guided walk. [SOLD OUT]

A stained glass window panel showing Queen Margaret of Scotland knelling in prayer.

The Medieval Queen

Come and hear about Queen Margaret of Scotland's important contribution to Scottish culture.

In this image a group dressed in high viz and hard hats are listening to an architectural expert as he explains the features of a castle behind them.

Insight Tour: Clackmannan Tower Architecture

Don your hard hat and explore Clackmannan Tower on this architectural Insight Tour.

Two actors in Tudor costumes look at the camera. The man wears a black costume with gold embroidery and the female actor wears a dark dress and golden headdress.

The Other Mary

Hear from Mary of Guise who, by the end of 1542, became a widow determined to protect the throne for her baby daughter.

Photograph of an ancient castle on the banks of a beautiful loch in the sunshine

St Andrews Celebration

Come and learn more about what makes Scotland, Scotland.

The interior of a dungeon cell. The image shows a hammock within a wooden structure.

Prisoner of War

Hear about life within the castle prisons from one of the inmates who may be plotting an escape.

A photograph of a man wearing a top hat and suit posing in front of a Christmas tree

A Very Victorian Christmas

Hear the tales and traditions of Christmas and discover where Charles Dickens found inspiration for A Christmas Carol.

The Honours of Scotland

The King’s Homecoming

For the first time since the Union of the Crowns the king is returning to Scotland.

Winter Warmer Walk: Linlithgow

Winter Warmer Walk: Linlithgow

Explore Linlithgow Loch and Peel on this guided walk.

Two actors are dressed in Georgian costumes; one actor is dressed as an executioner and the other as a Georgian maid.

Georgian Scotland - Crime and Punishment

Hear from Thomas Turlis, the Hangman, as he recounts the nature of his profession.