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lego model of a medieval castle

Brick to the Past

Come see Corgarff Castle as you've never seen it before - in Lego!

Exterior picture of Linlithgow Palace

A Fountain of Wine

Prince Charles Edward Stuart has successfully attracted a large number of Jacobite supporters and is visiting Linlithgow Palace.

Exterior view of Linlithgow Palace and some of the Peel

A Believer in the Cause

Many women fought for the Jacobite cause and rumour has it that one of them is visiting Linlithgow to see the damage done by the Government troops who occupied it.

Inner courtyard of Doune Castle, showing the kitchen tower and castle well.

The Great Escape!

Come along to the once Jacobite stronghold and hear the epic tale of escape by Government sympathisers.

Exterior image of Dunstaffnage Castle

A Pretty Young Rebel

Hear the real story of Flora MacDonald and Bonnie Prince Charlie, from Flora herself.

Aerial view of Doune Castle

For his most Britannic Majesty!

During the Jacobite Rising of 1745 both sides were frantically recruiting soldiers. Meet a soldier of His Majesty’s army and attend a recruitment session, preparing to fight the rebels!

A view of 14th century Doune Castle from the North

The Bonnie Prince!

Meet a Highland soldier of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army and prepare to fight for the rightful king of Britain!

Picture of Kildrummy Castle

The March of the Jacobite

Meet one of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s men as he marches his way across Scotland.

Jacobite Secrets

Meet a secret Jacobite lady and hear tales of the 1715 and 1745 Risings, and the arrival of Bonnie Prince Charlie in Edinburgh. The Jacobite cause divided families, including hers.

View of Huntingtower Castle from the north-east

Lord George Murray

Hear the story of the Jacobite General who almost led the army to victory.

Kilts and Captivity

Meet a Highlander held prisoner within Edinburgh Castle and find out why the Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745 failed.