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Exterior picture of Linlithgow Palace

Bonnie Prince Charlie: Fountains of Wine

Prince Charles Edward Stuart has decided to visit Linlithgow Palace. Does the fountain really run with red wine.

General view of Doune Castle

Victory and Woes

Come and meet one of the victors of the Battle of Falkirk

Aerial view of Doune Castle

For his most Britannic Majesty!

Meet a soldier of His Majesty’s army and attend a recruitment session, preparing to fight the rebels!

Re-enactor dressed as a Jacobite with Doune Castle in the background

Jacobite! (Doune)

Meet one of the Jacobite guards

General view of Doune Castle

The Aftermath

Hear tales of the rebellious Jacobites, daring escape attempts by imprisoned government men and the excitement of living in a Jacobite garrison from one of the servant girls.

Inner courtyard of Doune Castle, showing the kitchen tower and castle well.

The Great Escape!

Meet a Jacobite clansman and Redcoat soldier as they tell their tales of opposition and of the night of the great escape.

A photograph of a castle with a bridge and water in the distance.

The Jacobites by name

Head to Urquhart Castle to learn why some Highlanders became Jacobites and others supported the New Kings.

Exterior view of Corgarff Castle

Garrisoned for George

Meet a Redcoat soldier and his camp followers

General view of Dumbarton Castle

Jacobite! (Dumbarton)

Meet one of the Jacobite prisoners held at the castle.

Redcoat on the Rock

Meet a government veteran of the Jacobite rising as he recounts his experiences

General view of Kildrummy Castle

Jacobite! (Kildrummy)

Learn about the life and times of a Jacobite soldier

Flora MacDonald - A Pretty Young Rebel

A Pretty Young Rebel

Hear the real story of Flora MacDonald and Bonnie Prince Charlie, from Flora herself.