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The Science of Stone

Children and young adults are invited to join our drop in Science of Stone session where they will investigate this traditional material through scientific experiments.

Stained Glass Picture Making

Get creative and make a colourful stained glass window picture.

Stained Glass Painting

Paint a colourful design onto your own glass pot to take away.

Close up to a dry stone wall made up with stones of different sizes and colours

Introduction to Stone in Scotland

This seminar explores the use of stone in Scotland from prehistory to the present, with an overview of geology, petrography, mineralogy and material characteristics.

The image shows the corner of a stone building with a gable end and a stone slated roof

The Use of Stone in Construction and Its Decay Mechanisms

Discussion of traditional stone use in Scotland, from drystone walls to fine ashlar, including vernacular and regional styles, and how various agents of decay affect the material

Stone Repair and Conservation

A discussion of how to assess repair requirements, establish the correct level of intervention and decide the criteria used for specifying alternative types of stone repairs.