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The Science of Stone

Children and young adults are invited to join our drop in Science of Stone session where they will investigate this traditional material through scientific experiments.

The image shows the corner of a stone building with a gable end and a stone slated roof

The Use of Stone in Construction and Its Decay Mechanisms

Discussion of traditional stone use in Scotland, from drystone walls to fine ashlar, including vernacular and regional styles, and how various agents of decay affect the material

Global Challenges in Cultural Heritage: Inaugural International Conference

A conference exploring the challenges cultural heritage faces across the world, sharing approaches to tackling them and identifying opportunities to collaborate to find solutions.

image of St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh on a sunny day

Introduction to Conservation Principles

This one day seminar will investigate how the conservation movement grew in Scotland from the 18th through to the late 20th century, and the enshrinement of current principles in international charters.

a man with a hard hat and high visibiliy vest surveys a gutter on a building

Conservation in Context

This one day seminar will explore the recognition of international standards in conservation work and how these have been applied in post-war work in the Scottish context.

Image of a number of books on a shelf

Principles of Project Management

A discussion of the overarching framework within which conservation projects are undertaken, with an emphasis on best practice.

Stone Repair and Conservation

A discussion of how to assess repair requirements, establish the correct level of intervention and decide the criteria used for specifying alternative types of stone repairs.

Developing a Conservation Project: Approach and Business Case

How to devise a repair strategy, establish objectives and priorities, identify outcomes, and determine feasibility of a project.

Designations and Policy Guidance

An overview of legislation and policy regarding Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, World Heritage Sites and other designated sites and objects.

Conservation Plans and Statements

The importance of assessing and understanding the cultural significance of an historic site and its application in the development of a conservation plans or statements.

Introduction to Sustainability and Climate Change

An overview of the general principles of sustainability and the real and potential effects of climate change on Scotland’s built environment, and how these may be mitigated.