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Sketch of the tollbooth in Cullen by Francis Rose

Town and City: Views of Urban Scotland

This exhibition provides a fascinating look at how artists have interpreted Scottish urban life and landscape since the turn of the 17th century.

Tapestry panel featuring the logo of the Sottish Diaspora

The Scottish Diaspora

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry is a project that brings together stories from Scottish communities and their connections from around the world.

A traditional shop front on the high street in Crieff

Talking Shops

Visit our new exhibition, looking at the architecture and materials used in creating the shops that line our towns and cities.

Lego recreations in display cabinets

Brick Wonders

Brick Wonders features recreations in LEGO® bricks of amazing sights from around the world.

The Boston Tea Party depicted in LEGO

Brick History

Brick History is a journey through pivotal moments in world history - modelled in LEGO® bricks by Warren Elsmore and his team of artists. This is history brought to life.