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Picture of a vernacular building with a red roof.

Earth and Vernacular Buildings

One day seminar to introduce Scotland's vernacular architectural traditions.

Speaker explaining conservation needs in seminar.

Young Surveyors Conservation Day

One day event for those looking to enhance their knowledge of Scotland's built heritage.

Green champions event

Building Conservation Careers Fair

Find out about starting a career in the building conservation sector.

Demonstrator with slacking tools

Building Blocks: Stone and Lime

Summer School: One day seminar exploring the use of stone and lime in traditional buildings.

The exterior of an industrial building

Celebrating Scotland's Industrial Heritage

This one-day seminar will celebrate Scotland's rich industrial heritage.

Pouring mortar mix into a cast

Mortars and Binders

A one-day seminar discussing the use of hot mixed lime mortars in traditional buildings.

A piece of decorative metal work

Care of Metals in Traditional Buildings

A one-day seminar on how to care for metal elements in traditional buildings, including materials identification and condition assessment.

A pile of objects including an old lamp and some papers

Salvage: Collections & Consequences

A one day seminar about the importance of salvage planning when looking after collections.

A traditional building with solar panels on the roof

Improving Energy Efficiency

A one day seminar on how to improve the energy efficiency of traditional buildings.

A group of scientists examine different stones in a laboratory

Appliance of Science

This one-day seminar showcases the use of scientific and materials testing techniques in heritage projects.

Gravestones in a historic graveyard

Maintaining Historic Graveyards

A one-day seminar with key players in the sector to discuss the challenges faced when looking after historic graveyards.

Carrying out a condition survey on a heritage site

Digital Condition Survey Techniques

This one-day seminar will look into building surveying for traditional buildings and the use of digital tools for maintenance plans.