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A person dressed in a white apron troweling an earth wall.

Earth Construction

An examination of the use of unfired earth construction in Scotland’s historic environment, how a range of materials were used and how these may be repaired.

A brick wall. painted red and white.

Scottish Brickwork and Fired Earth Traditions

The contribution of brick, terracotta faience and other fired earth products to Scotland's historic environment.

A circular iron door knocker on a wooden door.

Traditions of Wrought Iron

An examination of the fundamental properties and physical characteristics of iron as used in wrought form in early Scottish buildings.

A cast iron snake's head.

The Scottish Iron Industry

The development of the Scottish cast iron industry and how the material revolutionised the building trade in the 19th century.

A slate roofed brick building with round arched windows.

Slate Roofs of Scotland

A discussion of the origins of Scottish slate roofing from the 16th century to the present, with an emphasis on the material’s sources, characteristics and working practices.