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Four women at a table with 2 sewing machines some material and biscuits

Sewing at Stanley Mills

Brush up on your sewing skills with our classes.

A group of students learn brickwork skills

Technical Conservation Summer School

This five day course explores the principles of traditional architecture and the materials and skills that are used on historical buildings.

A group take notes and photographs outside a historic building

Conservation 101: What You Need to Know

Summer school: Day one of our technical conservation summer school provides an introduction to building conservation principles.

Conserving the Stirling Heads at Stirling Castle with brushes

Conserving the Castle

Summer school: This one-day course will explore conservation methods for traditional buildings.

Elevated and angled view of Jarlshof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement in Shetland

Sustainable Materials and Practice

Summer School: A day-long course delving into Scottish architectural traditions and how climate change is affecting our built heritage.

A group of people examine an old wall on a historic site

Conservation in Context

Summer School: See conservation up close and personal on this day-long field trip.

Decorative stonework on the side of a building

The Use of Stone in Traditional Architecture

CPD module studying the use of stone in Scotland's built heritage.

Someone holding up piece of slate to a group during a learning event

Building Fabric and Function

CPD module providing and introduction to traditional building methods and materials.

A street of traditional buildings

Architectural Traditions

CPD module showcasing the development of architecture in Scotland.

A person using a map outside of a historical building in a rural setting

Conservation Policy and Planning

CPD module providing an overview of the planning and policy tools used for the protection of Scotland's heritage.

A shelf of books featuring books with a focus on historic sites

Project Design and Management

CPD module on conservation projects and tasks involved in research, analysis, design and planning.

Students at a seminar on traditional building skills and materials

Sustainability in the Historic Environment

CPD module studying the impact that climate change has on our built heritage.