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A male and a female costumed performer

Medieval Fashion

Meet Lord and Lady Brechin, Earl and Countess of Angus as they guide you through how fashion of the Kings court changed through the medieval period.

Honours of Scotland

Honours of Scotland

Come and hear from one of the men who rediscovered the Honours of Scotland.

Photograph of an actor dressed as a medieval surgeon demonstrating ancient practice

Meet the Barbersurgeon

It's 1573 and once the castle is under siege! In the midst of the flying cannon balls and crumbling walls is 'barber surgeon' Hector Cadaver.

A lady and girl on the grass at Tolquhon Castle with a magnifying glass

Easter Eggsplorer Trails

Join our Easter Eggsploration through some of our most iconic castles, abbeys, forts and palaces. Can you find all of the clues?

Two young girls meet a re-enactor with a lute

Music Through the Ages

Join us on a musical journey through time as we see how music and dance has evolved over time.

Man with a lantern inspects a barrel of whisky

Peat Reek

Join the excise man to find out how cracks down on this illegal activity.

A man holds a knight's helmet under his arm

A Wolf in Knight's Clothing

Join us to find out more about a most unwelcome visitor, Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan.

National Mills Weekend

The corn mill will be in action with demonstrations throughout the day, and Stanley Mills will be celebrating ten years of being open to the public.

Men dressed as Covananters charge at the camera

The Cause

Join the covenanting army as they are put through their paces and find out more about their cause.

Two boys meet a man dressed as Robert the Bruce in the grounds of Dirleton Castle

Robert's Rebellion

Follow in the footsteps of Robert the Bruce and find out what happens when he takes his rebellion to the doors of Dirleton.

Re-enactors dressed as Vikings battle in front of a crowd

Viking Invasion

Travel back to a time where Scotland is almost fully controlled by Vikings and find out more about why Oban was of such importance.

Re-enactors in WW1 dress charge with a bayonet

The Rock of Ages

Relive history from the west coast of Scotland. To mark the centenary of WWI visit our trenches and find out what life was like for brave soldiers.