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Kinneil House Tours

Kinneil House Tours

The chance to see inside this impressive mansion, with a series of free open days.

picture of a red, black and grey radio sign.

Mapping History Through Texture and Sound

Weekend Antics: Combining the traditional with the modern. During this workshop participants will explore the idea of collective deep mapping and create a unique art piece.

Two boys enjoying Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Headsets

Weekend Antics: explore St Kilda or even Mount Rushmore. Using data captured by our Digital Documentation team.

Sketch of the engine Shed

Sketching the Engine Shed

Weekend Antics: Come along to learn a new skill or improve an old one with Mark Kirkham, The Edinburgh Sketcher

Small toy windmills made from paper

Origami Wind Turbines

Weekend Antics: Discover the power of wind. Use scrap paper to create origami wind turbines while learning about recycling.

Framework of a metal railing.

Copper Creations

Easter Antics: Learn about the use of copper in buildings and make your own copper creation!

Wheat blowing in the wind.

The Wonder of Willow Spiral Box

Easter Antics: Create your own spiral box. Some of Scotland's earliest buildings were constructed through the weaving of natural materials; wattling.

Different coloured wool

Drop in Weaving

Easter Antics: Drop in to the Engine Shed and become a weaver for the day!

picture of an artists interpretation of printmaking

Printmaking Workshop

Easter Antics: Take inspiration from the Engine Shed to create your own prints, using traditional techniques.

picture of a textile on a loom.

Contemporary Textiles Creation

Easter Antics: Learn how to weave and create your own contemporary textiles.

An example of sledging using plaster

Sledging without the Snow

Easter Antics: What does architecture and winter have in common? Sledging! Think April is too late? Not at the Engine Shed!

Arches of Tay Brigde.

Build it High and Bridge the Gap

Easter Antics: Have you ever wondered how bridges and skyscrapers are built? Join us to learn and test yourself, with our three challenges!