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A photograph of a building with daffodils in front of it.

Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum - Special Exhibitions

Visit the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum to discover the rich cultural heritage of Stirling and view two special exhibitions on display for a limited time.

Children and adults on green grass under a marquee with rocks and trees in the background

Gruesome Games

Come and test your bravery with The National Wallace Monument’s four new Gruesome Games for modern day warriors.

Prison guard on in a cell

Old Town Jail Tour

Join us on a journey through the grim and gruesome history of Crime and Punishment in the Royal Burgh.

School children looking at a touch screen skeleton image

CSI Stirling

Be a Forensic Anthropologist for the morning!

Costumed actor with a visitor trying on a helmet

Weapons Tent

Visit the Weapons Tent on the Abbey Craig to see a collection of replica weapons and armour and enjoy a Weapons Demonstration.

Two men in costume with swords in a field and The National Wallace Monument in the background

Tales from the Battlefield

Travel back in time with costumed actors – an Englishman and a Scotsman meet after the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Man showing a boy how to hold a bow and arrow and aim for the target

Have a go Archery

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be an archer at the Battle of Bannockburn? Do you know how much skill and strength it required to be a medieval bowman? Come and find out for yourself!