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Standing Stones of Stenness Walk

Standing Stones of Stenness Walk

Join our Ranger Service for a free guided tour of our oldest stone circle.

Performer dressed as a member of Walter Scott's search team, a former soldier, who was present when the Honours were discovered, Edinburgh Castle.

Scott and the rediscovery of Scotland

Meet Sir Walter Scott and hear about his role in the rediscovery of Scotland's history and heritage.

Ring of Brodgar Walk

Ring of Brodgar Walk

Explore the beautiful area around the Ring of Brodgar during a weekly guided walk with a knowledgeable ranger.

General view of Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness

Guardian of the Loch

Come along and meet one of Robert the Bruce's archers as he guards the walls of the castle.

Member of the public weilding a pike supervised by a re-enactor in costume


Come and see how the Scots fought with pikes in schiltrons and have a go yourself.

A view of Edinburgh Castle taken from Princes Street gardens

Jacobite Secrets

Come along and meet a secret Jacobite lady and hear her tales of the 1715 and 1745 Risings.

A display of chain mail , a helmet and some arrows

Bolts and Bodkins

Get dressed for battle and learn how to use the medieval longbow and crossbow from castle archer, Rusty Bodkins.

Kinneil House Tours

Kinneil House Tours

The chance to see inside this impressive mansion, with a series of free open days.

People in outdoor clothes standing below Arthur's Seat on a sunny day.

Arthur's Amble

Come along on a gentle guided walk around the beautiful Hunter’s Bog and St. Margaret’s Loch where you’ll learn more about Arthur’s Seat’s turbulent past.

Costumed performer

Women of Independence

War is traditionally a male domain but during the Wars of Independence, women were among some of Bruce’s strongest and bravest supporters.

Lego recreations in display cabinets

Brick Wonders

Brick Wonders features recreations in LEGO® bricks of amazing sights from around the world.

Picture of a vernacular building with a red roof.

Earth and Vernacular Buildings

One day seminar to introduce Scotland's vernacular architectural traditions.