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Exterior picture of Linlithgow Palace

A Fountain of Wine

Prince Charles Edward Stuart has successfully attracted a large number of Jacobite supporters and is visiting Linlithgow Palace.

Linlithgow Holiday Club: Step Back in Time

Step back in time at Linlithgow Peel and discover who stayed in the palace and learn how they lived.[SOLD OUT]

Exterior view of Linlithgow Palace and some of the Peel

A Believer in the Cause

Many women fought for the Jacobite cause and rumour has it that one of them is visiting Linlithgow to see the damage done by the Government troops who occupied it.

Linlithgow Holiday Club: Get lost!

Take part in our orienteering challenge – Can you complete it without getting lost?

Linlithgow Holiday Club: Camouflage Capers

Expect to get messy as you try to spot the wildlife in Linlithgow that make it difficult for us to see them.[SOLD OUT]

Linlithgow Holiday Club: Survival Skills

Learn how to survive in wild Linlithgow; build a shelter, light a fire and cook a snack! [15 AUG SOLD OUT]

Summer Stroll

Come along on a guided walk to learn more about Linlithgow Loch and Peel.

A close-up photograph of a bat's face.

Go Bats!

Try spot some of our nocturnal visitors at Linlithgow Palace and in Holyrood Park.