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A costumed actor, dressed in 19th century soldier's uniform, is standing in front of a castle and leaning on a gun.

From Waterside to Waterloo

Hear the heroic tale of Sergeant Charles Ewart's daring feat to capture the Colours.

A costumed actor reads from a large book to a small group, including a young girl and two women.

Burns for Beginners

Come along for a light-hearted introduction to the bard and some of his works.

Two actors are dressed in Georgian costumes; one actor is dressed as an executioner and the other as a Georgian maid.

Georgian Scotland - Crime and Punishment

Hear from Thomas Turlis, the Hangman, as he recounts the nature of his profession.

A Most Royal Rebellion

A Most Royal Rebellion

Meet the King as he explains the art of warfare during the late 15th century and see the magnificent armour of the period.

The Road to Bannockburn

The Road to Bannockburn

Learn about the medieval weapons and tactics of a Scottish foot soldier.

Medieval Longsword

A History of the Sword

Meet one of the Kings champions of the sword here in Edinburgh Castle.

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest! Sword in hand image.

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest!

Find out the part the Grenadiers would play in the history of Edinburgh Castle.

Castle Captive

Castle Captive

An 18th century prisoner of war relates his story and explain about his life and times to the visitors.

Music Through the Ages

Music Through the Ages

Meet King James V's musician to find out out the instruments he plays and what is expected of him in the royal court.

A group hold schiltron spikes and a young child gasped in amazement.

Schiltron: Flodden era

Come and see how the Scots of the 16th century fought with pikes in schiltrons and have a go yourself.

Scottish National War Memorial Plaque

In Memoriam – A Forgotten Story

Find out more about the architect, Robert Lorimer,

Servant at Edinburgh Castle

The Lang Siege

Meet the lowly servant who has had to learn how to use a cannon very quickly.