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Schiltron - 16th century/renaissance

Come and see how the Scots of this era fought with pikes in schiltrons and have a go yourself.

Bolts and Bodkins

Get dressed for battle and learn how to use the medieval longbow and crossbow from castle archer, Rusty Bodkins.

From Waterside to Waterloo

Hear the heroic tale of Sergeant Charles Ewart's daring feat to capture the Colours and the Standard of The 45 Regime of Napoleon's Army at the Battle of Waterloo 1815.

Their Name Liveth On

Come and hear the story of Sir Robert Lorimer, architect of the Scottish National War Memorial, whose memorial remembers those who made the ultimate sacrifice since World War I.

Schiltron - Wars of Independence

Edinburgh castle was fought over repeatedly during the long Wars of Independence. Come and see how the Scots of this era fought with pikes in schiltrons and have a go yourself.

Jacobite Secrets

Meet a secret Jacobite lady and hear tales of the 1715 and 1745 Risings, and the arrival of Bonnie Prince Charlie in Edinburgh. The Jacobite cause divided families, including hers.

With Allenby in Palestine - the Fifes at the Gates of Jerusalem

Hear how the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry faced the seemingly impossible mission of pushing the Turkish Empire out of Palestine.

Kilts and Captivity

Meet a Highlander held prisoner within Edinburgh Castle and find out why the Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745 failed.

Inglis' Amazons

They smoke, they wear trousers, and they have driver’s licences! Hear of Dr. Elsie Inglis' all-female medical unit as they save lives at the front and fight prejudice at home.

Music Through the Ages

Meet King James V's musician to find out out the instruments he plays and what is expected of him in the royal court.

Swords of the Righteous

Hear from a Cromwellian soldier on why they laid siege to Edinburgh Castle and demonstrate how they forced a surrender.

Unsung Heroines – the Role of the VADs

Come and meet Mrs Jane Clark, the commandant of a unit of VAD nurses, and hear what it is like to save those who have been injured on the front.