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This image shows two young people, one of which is wearing a VR headset and the other is guiding them. They are both laughing and having fun.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Explore far away heritage sites such as St. Kilda with our Virtual Reality Headsets.

A person dressed in a white apron troweling an earth wall.

Earth Construction

An examination of the use of unfired earth construction in Scotland’s historic environment, how a range of materials were used and how these may be repaired.

A collection of bottles with different coloured sand within each sit on a table along side some cards with sand designs.

Building from the Ground Up: Sandy Cards

Children and young adults are invited to join our Christmas Sandy Cards session where they get to decorate a themed card with different coloured sands!

A brick wall. painted red and white.

Scottish Brickwork and Fired Earth Traditions

The contribution of brick, terracotta faience and other fired earth products to Scotland's historic environment.

A circular iron door knocker on a wooden door.

Traditions of Wrought Iron

An examination of the fundamental properties and physical characteristics of iron as used in wrought form in early Scottish buildings.

A cast iron snake's head.

The Scottish Iron Industry

The development of the Scottish cast iron industry and how the material revolutionised the building trade in the 19th century.

Building detail showing to rounded arch windows, a gutter and the eaves of a slated roof

Understanding Building Conservation

A two day course by the CIOB Academy, hosted at the Engine Shed, looking at building conservation for buildings and historic monuments.

A slate roofed brick building with round arched windows.

Slate Roofs of Scotland

A discussion of the origins of Scottish slate roofing from the 16th century to the present, with an emphasis on the material’s sources, characteristics and working practices.